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Head Therapist

India founded OCD Excellence. She has a BSc in Management Science & an MSc in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy from UCL. She also has a Diploma in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy & advanced training in Acceptance Commitment Therapy. She is accredited with the National Counselling Society (Member NCS21-00923) in the UK & an Intl. Member of the American Psychological Association from her time living & working in New York.
India has been working in the field of OCD since 2003 and developed the first intensive OCD treatment in the UK. She has treated thousands of clients with her cognitive behavioural-based protocol. She has also worked with organisations to create an OCD-specific wellness programme for their employees. In order to raise awareness, she has featured on BBC Breakfast TV, Radio 5 Live, This Morning, Trisha and Radio 4. She has been an OCD consultant to movies & TV. She has been featured in the London Standard, The Sunday Times, Marie Claire, Woman and Home, the Daily Mail, British Vogue, the Express and many other publications. She has presented at conferences in New York University, Cambridge University & Imperial College in London. India currently enjoys writing her blog & also writes for Psychology Today. She has had Responsibility/Harm OCD & experience of Metaphysical OCD since she was 11 years old. 

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Senior Therapist

Steve has an Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and a Diploma in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Steve has also completed our 3 year OCD Excellence Practitioner qualification.

He has been treating OCD Excellence clients for 6 years. He pioneered our OCD Survival Days which are a unique approach to teaching clients leadership & command tasks whilst helping them approach physical & mental discomfort with specific mental skills training. Steve has an impressive military career with Very High Readiness Combat & Air Assault units under his command where he gained extensive experience in Leadership & Management roles as well as the associated welfare & mental health awareness requirements. Steve has acted as a consultant to various world medical crises such as Ebola & COVID & more enjoyable roles such as the London Olympics. Steve gained various Healthcare,Telecoms and Strategic Leadership qualifications at the Chartered Management Institute and the University of Westminster. Steve’s partner has OCD and he has experience as a carer as well as perfection OCD symptoms of his own.

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Senior Therapist

Emma has 7 years of experience as a therapist working in the field of OCD. She has been qualified since 2015 with a CPCAB Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (Integrative). She is also a registered Member of the BACP.

Emma became interested in counselling through her own experience of Responsibility and Relationship OCD. She underwent intensive therapy for her symptoms in her early 20s whilst at university studying politics. Although she initially went on to work in politics after her degree, she soon realised that helping others suffering as she did with OCD was actually the direction she wanted to be going in. 

Emma is a keen advocate for mental health and a busy mum of 2.  Her qualifications are MA, Dip. Couns, Member of the BACP 

Senior Therapist & Head Therapist


Trainee* Therapist

Carla has an Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & has a degree in Healthcare. She is currently completing our 3 year OCD Practitioner qualification and is a Member of the CMA. 

Carla has 3 years experience with OCD Excellence & raises awareness regarding OCD via social media. 

Carla worked as a volunteer for the foremost UK OCD charity, OCD Action, regularly for various advocacy initiatives and their support groups. Carla is also a busy Mum & manages her own OCD very effectively. She underwent CBT herself when she struggled with Responsibility OCD & enjoys teaching her clients coping techniques. 

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Trainee* Therapist

Amy has has an Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. She is currently completing our 3 year OCD Practitioner qualification and is a Member of the CMA.  

Amy has had to manage her own Responsibility OCD since she was in her early 20's, even whilst travelling for work. She is now based in the UK & is committed to making a difference to the lives of her clients with OCD. 

She enjoys dog walking & being outdoors.

Currently fully booked
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Dr Ian Carter

Senior Therapist

Ian has an MSc and PhD from Imperial College, London. He is hugely committed to raising awareness regarding OCD & regularly gets involved in OCD initiatives. He often contributes to our support groups. Ian's role is to oversee our in-house research projects & to keep the therapists informed of the latest research & findings regarding OCD. Ian loves to travel find new cuisines to try. He is passionate about animals. 

Ian manages his own OCD symptoms around scrupulosity after undergoing CBT therapy. 

Trainee Therapist




A senior therapist will have a CBT qualification to Advanced Diploma level or above. They will have a minimum of 5 years experience & will have completed our 3 year OCD Practitioner qualification. 



A trainee therapist will have a CBT qualification to Advanced Diploma level or above. They will have a minimum of 2 years experience will have be in the process of completing our 3 year OCD Practitioner qualification. .



All of our therapists have personal experience of OCD & must maintain strict professional standards. They will also be either accredited or a member of a regulatory body. They have to provide evidence of peer & individual supervision. They must be insured & complete a minimum of 20 hours professional development per year as well as 6 annual sessions of personal therapy. 



An assessment is the first step in your therapy. 


Qualified therapists will always need to assess you in advance of any treatment planning.  


Your assessment will include:

  • Positive or negative screening for OCD

  • Indication of the severity

  • Appraisal of primary and secondary sub-types of OCD & how these impact upon life and treatment

  • Screening for co-occurring conditions, e.g., that exist alongside OCD

  • Assessment of the impact of environment or carers

  • Treatment proposal

  • Next steps guidance

  • Opportunity to ask questions

  • Access to treatment

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