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  • Highly effective unique intensive treatment with 6 to 12 months follow up

  • Unique evidence based treatment protocol developed over 16 years

  • 'Transparent therapy' commitment with itinerary in advance, written personalised programme for life upon completion and guidelines for carers, partners or families

  • Includes free follow up sessions, carer sessions, workshops and group intensive courses

  • Liaison with medical teams, schools, colleges or employers if required

  • Your therapist can be available to you 24 hrs during your intensive therapy

  • You choose the location and set the timings

  • We can come to you (we will travel globally) or you come to us in Central London

  • Learn hands-on, day to day, practical skills to manage OCD from therapists in your environment

  • Learn from therapists who have OCD (and are managing it on a daily basis)

  • Fee: £3750 depending on the location and requirements

  • ​Instalment plans are available

One to One Intensive FAQ

Will I be completely cured in 5 days? 
OCD isn’t curable, but it is manageable. Not only that but we can demonstrate how to make OCD work for you. It needn't stop you achieving any of your goals and we can show you how. 


Does your treatment protocol include ERP?

Yes, it does. We help clients complete targeted ERP work whilst supporting them completely. Our ERP tasks have been developed over 15 years to be highly specific to achieve fast results. 


''I've tried CBT before and it didn't work'

We hear this regularly and we are confident that there are a number of unique aspects to our treatment. Firstly, the standard of CBT for OCD can vary dramatically. Not only that but we believe the particular form of CBT that we practice is more effective for OCD. We integrate the most robust form of CBT together with 3rd generation acceptance-based techniques to offer our clients a comprehensive treatment programme.

What are your success rates? 
We ask our clients to set specific, measurable goals during therapy and approximately 80% of our clients achieve their goals if they complete an intensive and their follow up sessions


  • 3 day intensive treatment

  • Work friendly hours over a weekend

  • Course locations of London or Buckinghamshire

  • Effective, inspirational and supportive group treatment

  • 15 years of specialist experience

  • The first and most effective group intensive programme
    in the UK

  • Intended for previous clients and those who have experienced CBT previously

  • Learn hands-on, day to day, practical skills to manage OCD from therapists who have OCD (and are  managing it on a daily basis)

  • Practice your skills and develop an ongoing plan

  • Learn how to be a therapist (we want you to be your own therapist but with our support)
    Gain support, empathy and empowerment to change your life today!

  • Gain greater self-awareness ​

  • Learn how to transfer your new skills and knowledge to your own life

  • Fee £999.00

Group Intensive FAQ

Why the Group format?  Why not one-on-one treatment with a therapist? 
We have noticed is that the small group format can be as effective as treatment one on one. This is due to the powerful and unquantifiable benefits of having support and empathy from others who are going through the same experience as you.  In short, they mentor you and you mentor them so you learn how to give and receive constructive support.  We make sure our courses comprise small groups in order to gain maximum results. ​
Should I stay in London during the course? 
If you are more than a short commute from London then it may be advisable to stay in London. The work can be tiring. We can help with reasonable accommodation suggestions and travel advice

Will I need to do an assessment first?Yes, in order for us to plan your treatment, we will need to assess you beforehand. Assessments are 50 mins duration and can be in person or by phone/Skype. There is a reduced assessment rate of £80 for attendees of this Programme. Assessments can be booked upon confirmation of attendance.

Will my type of OCD be appropriate for the intensive? All subtypes are appropriate for the course and can be effectively treated. We can explain more about the process during the assessment

Is there an age limit? There is no upper age limit but it is aimed at attendees 17 years and over (younger attendees may be able to attend if accompanied. Please contact us on to discuss)

I’m a little unsure about working in a group. How do you ensure confidentiality? We have lengthy experience of working in a group format and take care to send confidentiality contracts in advance, set strict group boundaries and protect your personal information, verbal & written, at all times. If there are issues you feel sensitive about, please discuss these during your assessment and the therapist will work appropriately

Could I develop other peoples’ worries by attending the group? 
We get asked this question frequently – “could I ‘catch’ other peoples’ OCD?”. The answer is no! It isn’t possible to do this. In 14 years of group treatment, this has never occurred. We can explain why this is the case during the course

before booking (see link below)

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