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OCD Training for Carers - Online Workshops

Do you need help with OCD training for carers? Here at OCD Excellence, we offer a variety of mental health treatment and training for individuals throughout London and online via our workshops. We specialise in all aspects of the condition and aim to provide our clients with access to specialist care that is ideally suited to individuals who experience OCD as well as their families and health care professionals so that they can cope with the condition appropriately. Our team is passionate about what they do and will always go above and beyond to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident when sharing your story so that we can give you the best possible support. 

An Introduction to OCD Training for Carers

OCD can be a complicated condition that many find hard to cope with or treat, that is why we established both an online and offline service in which we can provide suitable care and support for those struggling with OCD. Here at OCD Excellence, we were first founded by India Haylor, a leading expert in the condition and with a combination of over 16 years of experience in the industry, we have been able to develop an effective Practitioner Programme that has gone on to help various clients with their own individual needs. Our professional OCD specialists will use a wide selection of evidence-based cognitive behavioural and acceptance-based methods as they have proven to be one of the most reliable forms of training and treatment when it comes to OCD. For those in need of OCD training for carers, we supply relevant resources and information that is extremely significant in the recovery process for everyone involved.

What is OCD and How can we Help Carers?

OCD is known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and simply outlines a mental health condition that causes individuals to have recurring thoughts and experience repetitive behaviours which cannot be controlled. It can lead those with OCD to form a complicated system of inter-dependence, in which they may need a carer with them to an extent as this can make it easier for them to feel comfortable in certain situations and environments. That is why we offer expert advice, guidance and other forms of OCD training for carers, whether you are needing to know more about the condition or wanting to find the ideal treatment for your patient. 


Even if you are struggling with OCD yourself, but want to succeed within the caring industry, we are on hand to offer treatments in which you can join group therapy. This is a great way of sharing your story with those who are going through something similar and you can exchange successes in different treatments or coping mechanisms that may be useful to your own experiences. The possibilities are endless here at OCD Excellent and you can be confident in knowing that you will always be put first, no matter how simple or complicated your struggles may seem. 

How Does OCD Training and Support work?


It can be difficult when handling this issue alone, which is why we believe that it is important to communicate and share your personal experiences with others as this can be an effective way to relieve some of the tension and stress that has been caused by OCD. It is crucial to know that you are not alone. In terms of OCD training for carers and parents, we can provide you with workshops that are filled with positive and reassuring notions, allowing you to have a place to escape when the condition seems like it is taking over. For parents’ and carers’ of our recent intensive clients, OCD workshops are free of charge, simply contact us today for a coupon before booking and please let us know of any queries you have and we will happily assist you with any and all of your requests.


Why you train with OCD Excellence for special treatment 


As a leading provider of OCD training for carers, we deliver a dedicated service that is bespoke to each client we support, ensuring that they get the appropriate guidance that they need to succeed as a carer with OCD or simply learn how to provide the best care for those they care for with OCD. With our wealth of experience, outstanding customer care and modern methods, you can be sure to receive expert OCD training, and can be assured that we are a company worth investing in for all your particular needs. 

So if you are interested in receiving OCD training for carers, feel free to call us on 0207 1019302 or alternatively use 07824 112811 and we will be happy to help with anything you may need. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email us at and our customer service team will be in touch shortly to answer your questions and provide you with any further information that you require.

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