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are you struggling with OCD?
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do you care for someone
who has OCD?

Do you care for someone with OCD?

Are they your partner, child, sibling, parent, friend, co-worker or other family member?

Firstly, thank you for caring for someone with OCD & taking the time to be informed. 

Secondly, it's not always easy, is it?

We believe that you deserve specialist resources in terms of information, guidance & support.


what is OCD?

OCD is ranked by the World Health Organisation in the top 10 of the most disabling illnesses by lost income and decreased quality of life. Learn more about this chronic condition here..

free assessment

If you think you might have OCD, take our free assessment which will give you an indication of the severity and subtype. It doesn't replace a full therapist assessment but it is a good start..


Read India's insightful OCD blog  about the challenges of OCD for the person, their family & carers and the professionals treating it from her perspective as a person with OCD & a therapist..


Enhance your knowledge of OCD, gain coping skills & meet others via our Zoom-based specialist workshops designed for people with OCD, their families, carers and partners..


Check out our fresh new video series interviewing people who play a key role in the field of psychotherapy and OCD ranging from neuroscience to the origins of emotions..

parent & carer resources

Parents, families & carers of those with OCD are often neglected when it comes to resources & support. We believe they are just as important to the recovery & management of OCD..


The 'gut brain connection' as a scientific rationale is gaining momentum & gravitas within the scientific community. We find the proposed link between microbiome & OCD to be very interesting...

who we are

Firstly, we are people with OCD. Secondly, we are qualified psychotherapists specialising in the treatment of OCD. We never forget what led us to this point and our personal experience informs all of our work..

client stories

Our clients share their insight and journey to recovery from their unique perspectives. Each story comes from the heart & drives our motivation to dedicate our lives to the treatment of OCD..

our blog news

what are the basic requirements for an OCD therapist?

commonly occurring types of OCD

relationship OCD

Relationship OCD or ROCD, has gained momentum over the last 10 years. This may be attributed to greater awareness of this sub-type or the influence of growing media coverage of relationships. We were the first practice to use this term in 2003 when it there was little awareness of these particular symptoms.

responsibility OCD

Responsibility OCD, sometimes known as Harm OCD, is the most commonly presenting sub-type in our experience. There are many ways it manifests and this is one example of the highly distressing thoughts and emotions associated with Responsibility OCD.

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OCD Excellence in the media



Do you have any questions for us?

Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 4SG, UK

Office: 9:30 - 18:30 Mon - Fri
Sessions: by prior arrangement

+44 207 101 9302 +44 7824 112811

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