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OCD Workshop for Parents - Book Online

Do you wish to attend OCD workshops for parents? Welcome to OCD Excellence Workshops, we are specialists in providing individuals the opportunity to access expert training, workshops and treatment that they require in order to cope with OCD. Whether you, yourself are struggling with parenting with OCD or you have a child that is experiencing the condition, we can offer expert support through the use of effective techniques that have proven to be useful for many of our previous clients, why not reach out to us and see how we can support you?

Specialist OCD Workshops

After being established by leading UK expert India Haylor, here at OCD Excellence we have made it our mission to develop high-quality services that are ideal for all those involved in the condition of OCD. This is a very complex mental health issue as it causes individuals to have recurring thoughts and experience repetitive behaviours which cannot be controlled. With a combination of 16 years experience in the industry, we have been able to use a variety of evidence-based approaches as well as acceptance-based methods within our services to allow those in need to gain access to the ideal learning materials that work for them. Our OCD training and treatment is available to parents, students as well as teachers, professionals and carers. If you are in need of OCD workshop for parents, we offer high-quality sessions in which you can join in to discuss your own personal story or your child's with others involved in similar situations.

What Can you Expect from our OCD Workshop for Parents?

When it comes to our OCD workshops for parents, we provide a fantastic experience for individuals to share their stories, get support, learn different techniques and overall, feel a part of a community that is guaranteed to inspire. They will be run by skilled and trained professional therapists who each have a wealth of knowledge in the industry and will aim to focus on helping you learn new skills and solutions that are positive. The workshops can also involve a recovered person with the relevant sub-type present so that you can see first-hand that our sessions are worth investing in. OCD isn’t just a straight line and can present itself in a variety of different ways whether it be through obsessive or compulsive cleaning, contamination, symmetry, ordering and more. Depending on your particular condition, we will offer a completely bespoke service that is tailored according to your specifications.

How do our OCD Workshops and Training for Parents Help?

As a parent, we understand that you always want to put your child first and provide them with the best care possible, which is why we offer OCD workshops for parents that allow you to learn ways of coping in stressful situations involving your family. This will ensure that when your child needs you most, you can be there for them in the most effective way, without your condition getting in the way. Alternatively, if you are to find that your child is suffering with OCD, we can provide you with support and relevant resources that can help your family adjust to their lifestyle and guide them appropriately as they grow. No matter how simple or complex your condition may seem, you can trust that we will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are healthy and happy with the treatment you are supplied with from our experts.


Why Choose OCD Excellence for specialist training?

We take great pride in offering the most modern treatments and support services around in regards to OCD. It is hard to cope with at times and can have a major impact on your day to day life for both men and women of all ages. With our help through vigorous online resources and OCD workshops for parents, you can be sure to receive everything you could possibly need and more in order to fully understand the condition and be on hand to guide those around you that are struggling. With our many years of experience, we can be sure to deliver a professional service.

If you are interested in attending OCD workshops for parents, feel free to call us on 0207 1019302 or alternatively use 07824 112811 and we will be more than happy to help with anything you may need. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email us at and our customer service team will be in touch shortly to answer your questions and provide you with any further information that you require.

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