What to tell your child who has OCD.

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

  1. Everything is going to be OK. It may be tough at times but it will be OK

  2. You are not crazy or sick. You have a condition which can be managed

  3. No one is normal and you are as good as everyone else

  4. OCD is a long term condition but, with coping skills, it need not stop you doing anything you want in life

  5. You will need to learn coping skills and keep practicing these

  6. Many successful people have OCD including business leaders, actors, musicians, singers, artists, etc. You are in good company

  7. OCD means that you may feel emotions more strongly than others - this is OK

  8. In order to manage your OCD you will need to learn how to tolerate discomfort (mainly emotional) and not try to get rid of it

  9. In order to manage your OCD you will need to make sure you work hard on doing tasks for yourself

  10. Working on your OCD will be really beneficial for your life in general

  11. We are here to support you (but not to do things for you!)

  12. Never give up on your OCD! You can do it!

We know this because we've done it.......